You are invited to Wiseberg Academy!

Dear Fellow Saints and Lovers of God’s wisdom!

As promised during our last “Speak Lord” event, the “Wise Relationships” conference, now we are ready to present to you the “7-years-pregnancy-baby”, the Wiseberg Academy of Christian Wisdom which we briefly mentioned to you in August.

Now we present it to you with a joyful cry for help! Joyful – for the occasion is joyful, the “soft launch” of the Academy. A cry for help – for your help would be greatly appreciated.

First, some general information about the Wiseberg Academy of Christian Wisdom:

How can you benefit from this Academy of Christian Wisdom?

  1. For one – by learning. Yes, for the content is good. That’s what my fellow Latvian pastors keep telling me. Besides, no one is exempt from troubles in relationships, and there is never too much of God’s wisdom (even if it comes with Latvian accent). As a 76-year-old lady commented in tears: “Why did no one tell me it so clearly and simply when I was young?” Here it is now.
  2. Besides, all the content on our website can be used as a resource for:
    • Bible Studies. At congregation or home. Reflect, watch, read, discuss.
    • Day or weekend workshops. Perhaps even a bit as an outreach tool.
    • Pre-marital counselling, and marital counselling as well.
    • Christian studies in Christian schools.
    • And whatever else you can come up with.
  3. It can be suggested to parents who desire to teach their children God’s wisdom for their relationships. Or to couples, younger and older.

Now more on the helping part. How can you help us?

  1. Please, pray that our kind and all-wise Lord would bless us with His wisdom, would guide us on this journey and would send us all the help and helpers that we may need.
  2. If you subscribed to the Academy, that most certainly would be the best testimony, and then you would know what is there and why to suggest it to others.
    • There are three subscription plans: “Cup of Water” (10$/month), “Two Fish” (20$/month), and “Five Loaves” (50$/month). They all give access to the same content. Then why three plans? So that “each one could give as they have decided in their heart.”
    • By subscribing you will have access to our first 10-week program “Wisdom 4 Relationships” with 10+ hours of video, more than 25 topics discussed, with questions, quizzes, forum discussion, community connections, etc. Once you sign-up and subscribe, you will have a 10-days free trial to check around and then you can cancel your subscription at any time going to “Me” > “Account”.
  3. If you could advertise it among your Christian friends.
    • Perhaps to just copy and paste this text on whichever social media platform you use: “Some good news! A fellow pastor has just launched an Academy of Christian Wisdom! Check it out! 10-days free trial! First program “Wisdom 4 Relationships” is ready for you to take it in! May the Wisdom be with you!”
  4. And now on a bit more creative note:
    • We would greatly value your feedback on what else may be useful questions or themes to address. If you could provide a reply with one or two questions that you think are really important for today’s society, that would be much appreciated.
    • Finally, if you have good ideas, or good connections for how to spread the word in Australia or abroad, that would be so, so helpful.

Please, do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

As our Wiseberg greeting goes: “May the Wisdom be with you!”

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Guntars Baikovs

On behalf of the Team Wiseberg

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