Our entire way of life is under attack: why vote “No”.

I was invited to present a case for ‘no’ vote on Barossa Radio, however, I wasn’t allowed to say much of what I wanted. For those who would like to get the whole picture of why vote ‘no’, here is a brief summary for ‘no’ case.

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Yes, I am a Christian. Yes, I am a Lutheran pastor.

Which means that I am a person who gets paid to observe and study the society in which we live and to analyse different ideologies that shape our thoughts and behaviours. Therefore, I will reflect on our current situation considering things that we all see, hear and experience today. Besides, I have a certain advantage, as I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union under authoritarian Marxist-Communist regime and experience how it works first hand.

There is a lot of talk about love and justice. But so many say that they can’t remember seeing so much hatred in public realm, in private conversation, not to mention social media. Especially if you happen to represent ‘no’ position. Many wonder why, where this flood of hatred is coming from?

This is what I want to focus on in this article. We are under attack. Our way of life is under attack. Australian way of life, of we can say the Western way of life is under attack. It is an attack from inside, and this is, why it is harder to spot it. It is attack that is done by means of destructive ideas.

Ideas have consequences. Good ideas lead to well-being, peace and prosperity of society, bad ideas lead to destruction, chaos and hatred. What we experience now is attack on what we believe about who we are, about what marriage is and how we are to relate to one another. I want to consider briefly what ideas have built our good society and culture, and what ideas threaten to destroy it.

Our Australian way of life.

[1] Human beings.

We have a high view of who we are. It comes from Biblical phrase ‘created in God’s Image and likeness’, which means that all human beings are infinitely precious, with infinite worth and dignity, created for richly meaningful and joyful lives, loving, respecting and caring for all people around us. That we all are equal in dignity and worth, regardless of our sex, race, nationality, education, prosperity, achievements, etc.

In this high view to be a human is to strive for greatness, for virtues that are good for the entire community. Self-sacrificial service to others vs selfishness, chastity vs promiscuity, generosity vs greed, trust and honesty vs lies, etc.

According to historians (Vishal Mangalwadi, Rodney Stark, Alvin Smith, etc.) this our unique understanding about human beings is what created the Western Civilization with all its blessings that we enjoy today (e.g. science, public education, social welfare systems, human rights, equality, etc.)

[2] Marriage.

We also have a high view on marriage. We know that marriage is a wonderful complementary union between one man and one woman where they commit to love and to serve one another till the end of their lives, and where in this union they create and raise children. Marriage is where many wonderful gifts come together; love, faithfulness, commitment, sex, life together, children, companionship, etc.

Besides, such marriage is measurably the best setting for men, for women, for children and for society. How? When it comes to safety, wellbeing, finances, happiness, and so on. This is the setting where everyone flourishes and everyone benefits. (See Why Marriage Matters.)

The strange thing is, as one of American sociologists put it, that there is not a single government in the West which cares about the institution of marriage. You may only wonder way.

[3] How we relate to others.

Ideas have consequences. If you believe that we all are equal and that every person is infinitely precious, you will treat them accordingly: respecting, loving and caring for them regardless of who they are, and what their views are on different issues. You may disagree with others, but you will protect their rights to freedom of speech. This is what tolerance used to mean, this is how our society was built.

It is no secret, and it is consensus among historians, that all these good ideas have come from Judeo-Christian worldview.  We can call it Christianity’s gift to the world. And you don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from this culture, as we all have so far. And this culture is now under attack.

What are the competing ideas?

[1] Human beings.

It is a very low view on humanity. Human beings are believed to be defined by what they desire. ‘I am what I desire’. And if I desire something, it must be good and natural and I am entitled to have it. Now! It is all about me. In the context of this debate human beings are defined according to their sexual desires. Meaning, if you desire is towards the opposite sex, that’s who you are. If your desire is towards your own sex, then that’s who you are. If your desire is towards both sexes then that is who you are. And if you don’t know what exactly your desire is, then that is who you are, etc.

How sad a view of what it means to be a human! Being reduced to sexual desires. You don’t identify yourself by your relationships (son, mother, sibling, friend, etc.), nor by your profession (solder, doctor, teacher, farmer, etc.), nor by your virtues (generous person, loving person, wise, compassionate), no… but according to your sexual desires. How sad!

As Doug Mainwaring, himself a person with same-sex attraction, writes, when he proudly ‘came out’ and left his family, and his main identity became ‘gay’ his life was diminished, it became narrow and shallow with focus on one thing only. It’s true, such people need all love and compassion that they can get.

[2] Marriage.

These competing ideas have also a very low view on marriage. What is believed about marriage is consistent with what is believed about us as human beings. If we are basically what we desire, sexually or otherwise, then marriage and family are oppressive structures that are imposed on us to restrict our freedom. Therefore, if we want to be free to do what we desire and with whom we desire, we need to get rid of marriage as such. The institution of marriage as such should not exist. Instead, the state should serve the function of family, and the state should raise and train our children.

You may wonder what is this pastor talking about here, for all this fuss is exactly about marriage, and equality and love, right? No, wrong! This is what one of LGBT leading voices Masha Gessen said: “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying … because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change … and again I don’t think it should exist.” (Listen her interview here.)

The fact is that we as society are being deceived and manipulated declaring that this is about love, about equality and about marriage. But it is about none of these. This is not about love! Think about it, everyone is free to love whoever they want, and the state has no business in who loves who.

This is not about equality before the law either. Since 2008, according to our own politicians and lawyers, there are equal rights and protections for all de facto couples in Australia. Before the law all couples are equal already now.

And it is not about marriage either. What is marriage? Or what makes marriage a marriage? The complementary union of two people of opposite sex, where they can create children and raise them in stable environment having both parents, Mum and Dad. This is what makes marriage. And even if some couple can’t have children, they can still offer children both parents, Dad and Mum, and safe environment.

If two blokes come together and say that they want to get married, what they are essentially asking for is, – we want to be able to create children. It doesn’t work. They can do whatever they do (don’t try to picture it!) as long, as they want, but there will be no children. The same goes with two ladies.

If same-sex attracted people want to have a ceremony, make vows, invite guests, have party. Let it be so! But it will not be marriage. Call it ‘ruba-ruba’, or whatever you want, but it will not marriage. Why? Because it doesn’t create children. And the only reason the state is interested to protect marriage, is that marriage produces new citizens. We need them for the future of our nation.

But because these competing ideas have been framed as fighting for love, and equality and marriage, who will be against them? You can easily manipulate good and caring people into thinking that this is the right thing to do. But the reality is that the whole thing is not about marriage, it is about redefinition what marriage means, and just one more step towards total annihilation of the institution of marriage.

Of course, what we hear in media is, – “love is love”, “love wins”, “marriage equality”, etc., but this is not what LGBT lobby is after. They have much bigger plans. And you are not going to like them.

The thing is that majority of gay people don’t even want to get married. That’s reality. A little bit of statistics to put things in a perspective. In US and UK around 2% identify themselves as people with same sex attraction. Yes, only around 2%! From these only 5 to 10% get married. From these, up to 50% admit that they have sexual relationships also with other partners, while they are ‘married’. And then, for example, in US only less than 10% of gay marriages last longer than 10 years (comparing to 65% of traditional marriages).

In fact, more and more gay people speak out publicly against the idea of redefining marriage. They don’t want it to happen. They want children to have both parents. They begin to realize that they are simply used to advance much bigger agenda.

[3] How to relate to others.  

It seems that the famous principle ‘the ends justify the means’ is how things are done. Everything that can lead to desirable ends is acceptable. And this helps to understand the hatred in society. This competing force has utilized this very divisive, but very effective Marxist tool, – the story about victims and oppressors. How does it work? It is very simple. You self-identify one group as victims, and those who disagree with your agenda as oppressors. Victims are good and oppressors are … bad. Whom would you sympathize with? Of course, with victims.

Now, if one position is to protect victims, to stand for what is good and right, then the other, by definition, is against all these good things. And if someone is an oppressor and against all good things, then you can/should treat them as enemies. They don’t deserve to express their views, they deserve to be attacked, ridiculed, threatened, and even physical violence is justifiable. And once the LGBT lobby gains more legal power, the state is used to impose their agenda on the rest of society and to make everyone bow before them. (Read more here.)

All this is done by lying, by silencing those who disagree, and by intimidation. There was plenty of it in the Soviet Union. There is plenty of it in the West today, and in Australia as well.

We are being lied about their true agenda. The redefinition of marriage is only the beginning. People who disagree with these competing ideas are silenced. Have there been any honest, rational debate on this issue? No! It can’t happen, for if one side lies they can’t allow their lies to be exposed. And there are no good arguments for ‘yes’ vote, except – “we are for equality and love and if you disagree with us, then you are bigots and homophobes and haters.” That’s how those who try to protect our way of life are silenced.

Third principle is intimidation. It begins with calling names. It begins with public shaming and ridicule. With threatening. Now we have got to the point where people are physically attacked and even fired. And this is now, when same sex marriage is not the law of the land yet. What happens if this become the law?

This is a beautiful and free country. Our way of life is good. I have seen the very opposite. Don’t let your freedom be taken away. You don’t want to find yourself in situation where you can lose your business, or job, or be taken to the court, or worse, have your children taken away because you believe in what is obvious, that marriage is about one man and one woman.

What happens when same-sex marriage becomes the law?

We are lied that nothing will change. I don’t know whether politicians and media people are that ignorant or that evil. And I don’t know which of those options is worse. If you want to know what will happen see what has happens in few years in US or in UK, or other countries. (See examples here.)

The greatest impact will be on children, the institution of marriage and on our freedom.

[1] Children.

‘Yes’ position doesn’t talk about it much, but there is one group of people whose interests are quietly sacrificed so that adults can push their agendas. This group is the most vulnerable among us, those who need the most protection, that is, – children.

There are more and more adult children raised by same-sex couples who speak out. They speak out their pain. They longed for both parents, but had only one. (Listen to Katy Faust, Millie Fontano, Robert Oscar Lopez, and many others.)

If Australians vote ‘yes’, we will take away from children their rights to have both parents, Mum and Dad. They are the forgotten casualties in this war against marriage and family. So many children already suffer from broken families and relationships, and they will suffer much more.

The same-sex agenda will be taught in schools. It is happening already now, and even primary school children are encouraged to embrace and practice homosexual life-style. No one tell them about consequences. I haven’t heard that someone is honestly teaching about the spread of STD among those who practice homosexual life-style. Or about the level of violence in same-sex relationships, or chemical addictions, suicides, depressions, and so on. This is the dark side of the rainbow that no one wants to bring up. As the saying goes ‘if you have friends who wish you such things, then you don’t need enemies’.

[2] Marriage.

When marriage is not about children, but about love, where will you draw the line? How will you discriminate against three or four, or five people who love one another? Love is love. Right? This is already coming.

[3] Freedom.

See here and here for what this means for countries where same-sex marriage is legalized. See here what it may mean for Australians.

Concluding …

To those who have the best intentions and want to support love and equality and marriage, I would like to say: “Good for you”. That’s great. But let it be clear, that right now we are being manipulated and lied about this whole thing. By voting ‘yes’ you will, in fact, oppose love and equality and marriage. That’s the evil genius of this whole campaign. And when it is over, both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ voters will have to suffer bitter consequences together. What a pain and embarrassment it will be to realize that your voice has been used to advance something that you don’t support at all.

To those same-sex attracted people who genuinely hope that they will find fulfilment and answer to their deep longings by calling their relationships marriage, I would like to say, that there is an answer to your deepest longing. But it is not in destroying marriage and sowing more misery in our society. It is in finding deep and loving relationships with the One who know you better that you do, who knows exactly what you need and who is the only One who can give you acceptance, love and joy that transcends our understanding. His name is Jesus Christ. And He is waiting for you. Always has and always will.

This is all that I will say about this now.

You can download and print this article here. 

Also see THIS WEBSITE: WhyVoteNo.org.au. It is a great resource, very informative. Be wise, see things as they are!


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