Every Sunday – Bible Study at St. Paul’s

God speaks to youEvery Sunday from 5:00 pm till 6:00 pm at the St. Paul’s Hall (entrance usually is through the back door) we meet to listen and to meditate upon God’s word, to experience the joy of the Gospel, to grow in God’s wisdom and to enjoy the fellowship of God’s saints.

Dr. Martin Luther understood that God of the Bible is God of conversation. God who speaks. He spoke this world into existence (Gen 1), He still holds it together by His almighty word (Col 1:17). By His word He saves us today, calling us from this world, enlightening us by His Holy Spirit, sharing with us His wisdom, and sending us back for the sake of others. All by His word and through His word. He does it all for us. For you.

Sometimes we read particular books of the Bible, sometimes we focus on particular questions, sometimes we try to tackle specific problems. All of this so that the Holy Spirit could bring us closer to our dear Lord Jesus and shape as to be better in all our vocations. The most beautiful part of the Bible studies is the fact that whenever we open the Bible and begin to read it, the Author Himself, the Holy Spirit shows up with His abundant gifts.

From time to time our Bible studies are followed by Christian fellowship, good Barossa food, movie nights, trivia, family events, etc.

Everyone, whom the Holy Spirit draws to listen to what God is speaking to you, is kindly invited. Take your Bible, friends, questions and come, – we are here for you. 

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