School and Scripture: get excited?!

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First day of school. I see Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and blogs filled to overflowing with pictures of happy kids and shiny backpacks…

But it does make me wonder: What if we got as excited about Sunday School as we do about starting third grade?

What if our parents made their kids learn their catechisms with as much vigor as they make them practice basketball or soccer?

What if our kids got as excited about getting their first hymnal as they do about getting new pencils and rulers?

What if we posted videos of our kids saying the commandments by heart as often as we post videos of them rounding third base?

What if Mom and Pop bragged about their kids’ love of Scripture as much as they talk about their scholarships?

What if we asked our kids about their church and Bible study attendance while they’re in college as often as we ask if they’re eating their fruits and vegetables?

What if our pastors and deaconesses and other church workers got as much support from moms and dads as teachers and coaches?

What if parents made sure their kids were at the Divine Service and Sunday School and youth group as often as they are at band practice or math camp?

Well, ding dang.

Now THAT would be something worth flooding social media with.

Heading back to school – whether it’s private school, homeschooling, public school – is exciting.

But being a lifelong learner of God’s Word is better still, worthy of more pictures and exclamation points and joy than any over priced Frozen backpack or new box of crayons with colors like eye-booger-green.

So let’s expect just as much of our kids’ theological education in church and in the home as we do in school . . . even more. This year, as school starts, let’s get out our math textbooks and our maps, but more importantly, let’s imprint the Word of God on our very hearts by spending time in our Bibles, our catechisms and our hymnals.

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