Easter: what is this?

Easter what is thisWhat is this? Many things. Politically, in many countries of Christian heritage – public holidays. Existentially, the source of ultimate hope and meaning. But the most important, historically, the event that changed the course of history of the world and gave birth to our culture as we know it.

Stop! Historically? Yes! This has to be nailed down. Easter is about real, historical events. About our history. Unfortunately we live in times when history tends to become story, and remembrance often turns into entertainment.

Nevertheless Easter is about the real events, about the resurrection from the dead of Jesus from Nazareth. The event that is hard to believe, unless you have witnessed it yourself. That’s why Easter events are brought to us through testimonies of eyewitnesses.

That’s who the authors of the Bible were – witnesses. That’s why they were sent – to share testimonies of what they had seen and heard. That’s why the same event, the mystery of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is reported by other contemporary historians such as Thallos, Gaius Plinius Secundus, Cornelius Tacitus, Flavius Josephus. Because it really happened.

By appearing to several hundred people after His resurrection, Jesus forcefully claimed to have won our ultimate enemy – death, and prepared for us different future, filled with the wonderful hope, – renewed heaven and earth, without sufferings, injustice and death. He gave us this rock solid hope that this life is not an end in itself. There is much more to come, and He Himself is going to bring it forth when time is fulfilled.

What does this mean for you? Usually we choose to believe what is and what is not real without giving it due attention. But then happens something that compels us to re-examine what we know about this reality. If Easter is about real events, then consequences are immense.

The general consensus is that there is ‘something higher’ out there. This knowledge  is not hidden. The demand for accountability in our consciences reminds us about it all the time. But what if He indeed has revealed Himself?

If this one, who speaks in your conscience, sometimes accusing and sometimes excusing, has come to us in tangible way, in flash? What if He continually speaks wonderful words to you?

‘Whatever you are, whatever you have done, whichever way you feel about yourself, you are infinitely precious in my eyes. I am looking for you, not to judge, but to save, to give you good conscience, peace and joy, to fill your life with my love, to give you the future hope already today. Come to me and you will find a rest for your soul.’

Every year Easter reminds us that our Creator and Redeemer is looking for you. His will will happen and His Kingdom will come regardless of what we think. I pray this Easter that we could all share and rejoice in fulfilment of the hope that Jesus has given us.

Blessed Easter, dear fellow Barossians!

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