Politically incorrect Bible Study “Man, Woman, Marriage”

Politically Incorrect

[Check the list of themes BELOW!]

We can grow babies in vitrio, we know with what speed impulses travel in our brain, we know many incredible and wonderful things, but we don’t know anymore who we are, what is marriage, why it was established, what the purpose of marriage is, how husbands and wives serve one another in marriage, and so on. We live in this age of information and discoveries, and these are true blessings, no doubt, but along the way … we have lost wisdom. Last century has been devastating for the institution of marriage, especially ideologies imposed on Western society during the last 50 years. Today they bear their bitter fruits not just in society, but also in the Church. Broken families, sexual promiscuity, abused and confused new generation.

This Bible Study throughout the year will try to restore this lost wisdom, the wisdom that comes from the Creator and is given to us in His words. Today, with all the advances in different sciences, we know that God’s design for our lives can be not only experienced, but even proved by means of scientific studies. Thus both the Word of God and also our reason testifies about the same reality – the Bibles serves as our guide not only in matters of spiritual realities, but also for our daily lives. Put in this way – Christians don’t have spiritual dimension and earthly dimensions in their lives. There is only one reality, the world created by Triune God, where we live our lives in marriage and family, accompanied and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

These Bible Studies are planned to take place every week after late service from the middle of February till the end of November. 

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 12:00 – 1:00pm in Gnadenberg.

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 12:00 – 1:00pm in St. Paul’s Tanunda, in the Hall.

The list of tentative themes for this study.

  • What has shaped our views on marriage and how: Scientism, Romanticism, Secularism, Autonomy of individuals, Consumerism, Evolution-ism, Radical feminism, Sexual revolution, Cohabitation, Pornography, Change of sexual language, Abuse of conscience, etc.
  • What are current MIS-understandings about marriage, sex roles, etc.
  • How do we know, what is right and what is wrong? Majority view, utilitarianism, emotivism, pragmatism? God’s revelation and the order of Creation.
  • Biblical understanding of man. Concepts of dominion, dignity, equality.
  • Complementary understanding of man and woman as ‘head and helper’: what it is, and what it is not. What today’s research (medicine, biology, sociology, psychology) has to say about it.
  • Creators purpose for marriage. Created to be God’s co-workers in our vocations. Also for friendship, communion, procreation and protection against sin.
  • Elements of marriage: leaving, cleaving and being one flesh.
  • The Fall: what did it change? Curses for husband and wife.
  • The New Testament teaching on marriage: ‘back to creation’, and Jesus and the Church as an analogy for understanding marriage.
  • Vocation of husband: how does God work through husbands?
  • Vocation of wife: how does God work through wives?
  • Concepts of authority, subordination, about submission – what are they and what they are not. What today’s research (medicine, biology, sociology, psychology) has to say about it.
  • Biblical recipe for ideal marriage – “love (her) and respect (him)”.
  • Sixth commandment – what is it about? The order of creation / gift of God.
  • How practically to go about marriage? What are the risks of marriage and how to avoid them? What not to expect from marriage? What things (good and bad) damage marriage?
  • Biblical understanding of sex. The highest possible. Sex as mysterious union and as giving.
  • Christian benefits for marriage: knowledge of the order of Creation, the power of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness and love of Christ.
  • Ultimate goal of marriage.
  • Issues related with divorce.

Everyone is welcome. You, too! The Lord can change your life.

Time permitting we’ll try to post here (and on http://www.SoundCloud.com/saintpauls) brief questions and answers covering the most important topics from the list above, so that you could listen and share them with others. 

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